Covid-19 Local Lockdown Statement

The Yorkshire Deli is responding to the new government measures set in place on September 25th, 2020 and setting a new direction to help diners in the coming months. 

The latest round of Covid-19 local lockdown restrictions were announced on September 25th, 2020 leaving many within the industry having to make business decisions and plan for the future unlike times before.

The Yorkshire Deli continues in the fight against Covid-19 as at the start of the pandemic when as a business they chose to shut before many in order to protect public health and safety.

“These latest measures have made us work harder than ever before to ensure our customers a safe and pleasurable dining experience. We have made our facilities Covid-19 compliant where our teams are working together to ensure that we can continue to deliver our great food and simultaneously help people feel at ease” said Alex Lawlor, co-owner of The Yorkshire Deli.

A recent Facebook statement highlighted the measures that are being undertaken by the team which include; 

– The use of the Government Track and Trace app on checking in to establishments and venues in the city, including both Yorkshire Deli stores. 

– The Yorkshire Deli is kindly asking that you adhere to government advice to not mix outside of your family bubble in the restaurants.

– The popular takeout service which came into place as of May earlier this year is back supplying the local areas including Leeds through Just Eat. 

– Face coverings are in place across the restaurants and facilities. 

“We have sanitation stations in all of our restaurants. Our team will sanitise before you eat and when you leave. We will have face coverings whilst we serve you and we are complying to the new rules. We will offer table service only and do our very best to make you feel welcome and safe in our stores.” Christian Lawlor told the Facebook page, “the industry is being kicked right now, but we stand alongside our fellow members and community to show we can all get through this.”

The Yorkshire Deli wished to also thank their customers for the support shown over the last few months. “You’ve supported us through the last few months and we wanted to send you a message. A message of thanks and a message to say, we’re here. Our teams have adapted and will continue to in order to keep our business and local economy alive.”

“Support your local, independent businesses and together we will see a better tomorrow.

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