We’re the people behind The Yorkshire Catering Company, and at the Yorkshire Deli, we’re foodies through to our core.

What started just a few years ago as a small catering business has turned into a real journey, one of passion and many great memories. A family run enterprise that values traditional ideas and looks to bringing a great dining experience to the streets where we grew up. Yes, we’re Yorkshire folk, doing for our town what we’ve always wanted to do. Our deli is a place where we want to have shared experiences.

We are the home of the metre long pizza. Let us repeat that so you can take it all in, The Metre Long Pizza.  This is a cornerstone of who we are as a business, it’s far from a stab in the dark, we’ve studied this pizza, we’ve gotten to know its story and we think you deserve it.

The Yorkshire Deli Counter
Forge Deli Coffee

What we’ve wanted to bring the centre of our hometown is something that gives people a space to catch up, to enjoy great, rustic homestyle food and a place which gives something that little bit different for a city that is that little bit different after all. We are in the centre of Wakefield, and we know more than others how the centre has changed and we think we have the solution for those craving a good meal, and a catch up as well.

Ours is about quality rustic food all in a location that is easy to access, with friendly staff and a place where a sandwich is made in front of you as well as the pizza! A place where coffee is not an after thought, or a pre-packaged idea from someone in an office somewhere but cared for and made with some genuine love and attention. We know that we are learning some things as well but that’s what we think makes us genuinely different; we’re on a journey and we want everyone to be part of it and to help drive us forwards into a new and exciting time for our business and something that also quenches the soul.

As you will have guessed, we’re passionate about all things homemade, but why? For us, it’s about getting that feeling of comfort. We all want to be comfortable whether that’s in our home to somewhere foreign and new; it is the inner safety blanket that we crave on so many levels.

It is why our food is about having that approach. There is a reason why we’ve chosen to do a rustic style pizza instead of say, the Neapolitan variety or why our sandwiches have the kind of hearty big flavours we associate with a deli than the mass manufactured malaise available elsewhere and it is why our cakes, truly stand out. Recipes passed over generations, food book to food book, hand written notes on getting things done right and done with a certain taste and flair. We want to provide a real taste of comfort and goodness, all done in a space that you can call a home away from home.

Deli Cake


Yorkshire Deli Main Bar
Deli decorations
Deli Cannoli
Deli Gin Bar